Exceptional founders believe in long-term partnerships... So do we.


We work hard to build meaningful partnerships based on trust and mutual growth with the exceptional founders we support. More than any awards and accolades, we value the positive feedback from our founders about our work.

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    Debesh Mandal, PhD

    Founder & CEO, Nanograb Inc.

    “Vishal possesses the rare gift of consistently delivering key insights and understanding the nuance of the genetic medicines industry. His experience... has meant that we are able to progress more quickly when understanding key areas such as how to position our platform.”

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    Gabriel Jones

    CEO & Co-founder, Proprio

    “Armen’s understanding of deep tech execution and the key drivers of our business... He proved to be a valuable member of the Proprio board... Armen balances empathy for me as a Founder with clear, truthful communication - a critical yet difficult skill. I highly recommend him to other healthcare entrepreneurs.”

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    Miroslav Gasparek

    Founder & CEO, Sensible Biotechnologies

    "In the early days of Sensible, Vishal helped me navigate the intricacies of commercial terms with Ginkgo Bioworks, which later resulted into a strategic partnership with this public company. I believe that without his strategic insight and mentorship, our company would not be able to achieve a favorable deal terms."

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    Audrey Tsang

    Co-CEO, Clue

    "...consistent pleasure and an education to have Vishal Gulati on our Board, during a critical time as Clue matured into a healthtech company. Vishal’s extensive expertise, unparalleled network, straightforward advice and general good-humored pragmatism helped us enormously as we navigated the world of FDA advisors and a complex SaMD regulatory process."

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    Todd Huffman

    Co-founder, 3Scan

    “Armen was instrumental in doing everything possible to support my company... Armen gracefully translate ideas into getting things done. He's a great ally to have... I recommend him unequivocally to entrepreneurs.”

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    Carrie Walter

    Co-CEO, Clue

    “Vishal is that very rare creature in the world of VC - extraordinarily shrewd, and genuinely good. As Co-CEOs, we could trust him completely to give his honest perspective, remaining true to his role as investor and board member, while being empathetic to our role and interests.”